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New to affiliation or looking for a way to increase your campaign performance? You’ve come to the right place! This page has been designed to give you all you need to know about affiliate marketing, providing all the tools you need to be successful.

10 Steps to Success

1Affiliate Learning Center Step 1Create Valuable Content

Create Valuable Content

Content is king in the digital age, and affiliate marketing is built on this belief. Create content that provides value to your audience, in a format that is tailored to your audience’s needs.

2Affiliate Learning Center Step 2Track Your Success

Track Your Success

Track Your Success Monitoring the performance of your campaign, can help you make the necessary changes to continue striving towards success. Get rid of what doesn’t attract clients and focus on what is working to reap the best results.

3Affiliate Learning Center Step 3Know Your Product

Know Your Product

Know Your Product Being knowledgeable about the products you’re promoting is essential in order to gain your followers’ trust and only recommend something you would also use!

4Affiliate Learning Center Step 4Engage Your Visitors

Engage Your Visitors

Engage Your Visitors Find ways to listen and engage with your audience. This can be done through comments on blogs, social media posts or even providing an email address or live chat service.

5Affiliate Learning Center Step 5Focus on One Affiliate Business

Focus on One Affiliate Business

Focus on One Affiliate Business The most important rule in affiliate marketing is to stick to advertising one niche market. This will make you a reputable source for people interested in your chosen niche, and help you grow your audience faster.

6Icon 10 Stp I06Provide Information

Provide Information

Rather than trying to hard-sell a product or service, it’s better to describe and share your own experiences. Be original in your approach and refrain from simply repeating what the product website says.

7Icon 10 Stp I07Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

As an affiliate, it is important to use the product and services you plan to promote in order to understand their pros and cons. Become a successful affiliate marketer by investing in courses and reading helpful materials, written to help you become more confident.

8Icon 10 Stp I08Test and Improve

Test and Improve

Trying out a number of variables can help you to improve your campaign. Experiment with different artworks, media and platforms to find the best combination for your audience.

9Icon 10 Stp I09Dedicate Time

Dedicate Time

The more time you dedicate to your campaign, the better your results will be. Practice makes perfect!

10Icon 10 Stp I10Set Realistic Expectations

Set Realistic Expectations

Don’t go into affiliation with unrealistic expectations. Rather, start small, set achievable goals and work towards accomplishing them!

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December 05, 2022

24 Effective Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns – Part 1

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the opportunities really are endless and creativity is key to success however, we have rounded up 24 great ways to promote your referral programs and generate new high-quality traffic. In part one of four of this article series, we look at 6 of these marketing ideas. Some of these concepts have been explored in more detail and can be found in the EagleFX Affiliate Learning Centre. Email marketing is a tried and tested marketing model. It is a very effective way to keep in touch with customers or introduce new campaigns because it is personal, relatable and direct. A well-built template for emails can go a long way for any affiliate marketing campaign. Want to save some time while simultaneously gaining client trust? Why not post positive user experiences? These can help establish you as a trusted voice in the community. A customer reading a review that is honest and persuasive may be more compelled to sign up to the affiliate program you are promoting, as opposed to simply reading about it and not being inclined to act. Such a small detail can have major results! Including buttons that easily redirect clients and make it simpler for them to share your promoted material, can truly increase the amount of traffic you will receive and the reach of your campaigns. Your campaigns don’t need to be discreet or mysterious for any reason, don’t be shy to place your ads or banners in bold, eye-catching landing pages such as the home page of your website if you have one. You can really benefit from having a central platform with all the relevant details about your promoted affiliate program. Whether it be an entire website, social media page or landing page on an existing platform, having a dedicated location for clients to find all the information they are looking for can increase your sign-ups significantly. Customers have shown to be in an elevated mood immediately after they have purchased something. Try to take advantage of this high by introducing the customer to your referral program rapidly after they have completed a purchase. This gives you a chance to work with multiple brands and platforms, extending your potential reach as an affiliate marketer.Don’t worry, there is more information on the horizon... We know these ideas will benefit any marketing campaign but there is so much more coming! Expand your knowledge with an additional 18 effective marketing tools to come, so stay tuned to keep learning and keep an eye out for part 2, available exclusively in our Affiliate Learning Centre. Should you require help or have queries regarding any affiliate matters, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 customer support channels and one of our agents will connect you directly to an affiliate manager. Looking for more educational materials on affiliate marketing? Click here to learn more.

November 30, 2022

Growing Your Sign-Ups by Hosting Seminars

Hosting seminars can be a fantastic way to expand your reach to potential affiliates and also hold the interest of any current affiliates under your wings. Regardless of whether you host to educate novices or to focus on more advanced analyses as a master affiliate, it is a great way to build your reputation in a very flexible manner. Either way, seminars are just one of many ways to grow your affiliates. Here, you can find some information to help get you started. Both in-person and online are great ways to diversify your affiliate marketing strategies and just about anyone can get started thanks to the flexibility seminars offer. Seminars can range from talks that last minutes to hours to multi-day events, although you have to keep your audience’s preferences in mind.Naturally, it would be best to start out simple, it then becomes a matter of choosing a day and a time. Try asking yourself: typically, when would your targeted audience be free to engage your campaigns and for how long? It is worth noting that online seminars do tend to have lower completion rates, compared to in-person seminars, due to less commitment being required. It takes less effort to open up a laptop than it does to be at a certain place on time. Hosting seminars can be very much like educational online courses, especially when it comes to thinking of topics to present and in what manner. The only catch is that you need to be a good public speaker; talking in front of crowds cannot be an issue for you. You may be thinking to yourself that if it is online after all, that won’t be an issue. There is a bit more to it than that; your tone of voice, body language, and ability to think on your feet can all influence the success of your seminar. It is important to remember, practice makes perfect! Depending on the size of your ambition, you could be arranging events for hundreds of people, if not more. You would need to be organized and motivated in order to really succeed in this niche. Whether you host the seminar online or in-person, it is necessary to brainstorm and research ideas. Your imagination is the limit, let your creativity guide you here. Perhaps you have already been to some seminars in order to network and reach potential affiliates. If not, it is recommended that you do attend some, so that you can see what they are offering, and more importantly what they are not offering - this way, you can stand out from your direct competitors. See what works best for you through your experience and use it to build a strong seminar that stands out from the crowd. All that’s really needed is confidence and the right target audience. Once you start delivering seminars with valuable information, you can let word-of-mouth do the rest of the work for you. Should you require help or have queries regarding any affiliate matters, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 customer support channels and one of our agents will connect you directly to an affiliate manager. Looking for more educational materials on affiliate marketing? Click here to learn more.

November 08, 2022

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most effective ways to grow your reach and increase traffic to your websites. It often refers to paid search marketing, however, this in itself also includes SEO. The goal of SEM is to help optimize the visibility of web pages through search engines with a set of tools, techniques, and strategies. Paid search marketing consists of Pay-Per-Click advertisements, also known as CPC (Cost-Per-Click), which appear on search engine results pages, also known as SERPs. Using SEM in any capacity can be a powerful marketing tactic if utilized correctly. However, like with trading, the type of strategy incorporated for affiliation is up to each individual affiliate marketer. With around 5 billion searches on Google every day, SEO can be a very powerful tool. In fact, according to reports, search engines drive ten times more traffic to sites than social media does. SEO mainly consists of two categories: on-page and off-page. If you would like a more in-depth education on SEO, we have already covered this topic in detail for you here. It's worth noting that when using commercial keywords, it is more likely for ads to come up on the search engine. Hence, when using SEO for organic keywords, try and make them less commercial and more informative. The first thing that needs to be done is to create a keyword management strategy in order to identify which keywords are relevant and what phrases work best together for your intended audience. This can be done with the use of free SEO tools. A quick internet search resulted in the following list:   *EagleFX is not affiliated with any of the above companies Pay-per-click is an advertising model that is used to drive traffic to websites, in which the advertisers pay the publisher for each time the ad is clicked, hence the name. PPC can certainly get the ball rolling, as it helps with testing and optimizing which words and phrases provide the best results thus, providing you valuable keyword data in return. To avoid confusion, it’s important to be aware of certain expressions that are used with regard to Search Engine Marketing and PPC; SEM campaign refers to the entire advertising strategy whereas what is known as SEM positioning is simply the paid method to quickly gain positioning in search engines. One of the most common PPC strategies is by using Google Ads, as there is a wide variety of options and structures. PPC ads come in a variety of formats:   One very popular method of utilizing PPC ads is with the use of Google Ads Auction. This is done by bidding on keywords according to how much you are willing to spend per click. If Google determines your keywords are on a user's search query, your ad gets entered into the ad auction. With Google Ads Search Terms, you can see valuable data such as, but not limited to, the precise keywords others are bidding on, the cost, and their conversion rates. Looking for additional educational materials on affiliate marketing? Click here to learn more. Should you require help or have queries regarding any affiliate matters, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 customer support channels and one of our agents will connect you directly to an affiliate manager. Get In Touch

October 27, 2022

Education: Another Pot of Gold for Affiliates

Sometimes we forget about this fruitful niche for affiliate marketers – Education! While results may not immediately compare to other niches of affiliate marketing, nowadays online learning and autodidacticism have become a much larger industry than ever before. Here are some ways to tap this market and why it could prove to be so fruitful. Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shift to remote working, people are increasingly interested in online education, in order to develop the skills required to navigate today’s constantly evolving work environment. However, the pandemic only contributed to a fast-changing world, where the rate of technological advancement was already exponentially increasing. Progress in the AI and automation fields has caused somewhat of a disruption to traditional labor markets as we have known them. This has brought about structural change as well which in turn can create a sense of uncertainty for many who aren’t sure what their future looks like in this evolving landscape. When it comes to your particular target market, there are many areas in which you can offer educational materials. Not only can you address the trading aspect of online investing; you can also educate people on physically navigating the EagleFX platform as well as the MetaTrader4 platform. Here is a list of ways to create educational materials: When it comes to the content of these educational offerings, you will need to decide this for yourself, as it will be dependent on your knowledge and ability to teach it. Remember, it is very important that you understand what you are talking about, copy-pasted materials from others will be identified quickly by your audience and they may lose trust in you. They want to know your opinion and teachings are based on personal experience and feelings. In this sense, always make sure to be honest and allow your audience to relate to you through your tone and voice.   Here are 10 topics you could consider making educational materials on, just as an example of the type of content you can use to affiliate market your sign-up links: This niche allows you to embrace a wide range of required needs from your audience. You have an opportunity to problem solve for your audience members, which usually aids significantly in increasing your conversion rates. Education is also not restricted by location, age or gender, it is possible to convert traffic from all over the world, therefore do not limit yourself. If you are looking for more information on creating educational courses for Udemy, simply click here to navigate to the EagleFX Affiliate Learning Centre, where this resource as well as many others, are available to assist you with your affiliate marketing campaigns. Don’t forget, should you require any assistance or additional marketing materials, you can contact our specialty affiliate marketing department where an affiliate manager will directly assist you.

October 18, 2022

Optimizing Your Affiliate Marketing Conversion Rates – Part 2

In part 1 we identified what conversion rates are, what click-through rates are and why they are important. We also included how to calculate them with effective formulas for you to utilize when data capturing your affiliate marketing results. Part 2 will cover five fundamental ways to optimize your conversion rates and drive more traffic through your marketing campaigns. In this modern digital world where social media operates at lightning speeds, if you aren’t up to the same standard then you aren’t going to generate much traffic or many conversions. Users expect to have your webpage loaded within 2 seconds! If you are operating a snail-paced website then something needs to change. Statistics show that even 1 extra second of loading time can diminish your conversions by 7%.. time really is money and you don’t want to waste either of them. First run a speed test to determine how fast your site is loading. Thereafter you can contact your internet hosting provider and enquire if your plan is right for your intended marketing business, if not, they will guide you based on your articulated needs. Now it can be very easy to simply copy and paste a bunch of facts you find on the internet regarding the product you are promoting however, unoriginal content will get you nowhere and fast! Avoid creating content for the sole purpose of having content, and then spamming your audience with nonsense that doesn’t genuinely benefit them. Instead, aim to create content that can be labelled as original evergreen content. This refers to content that stays relevant and valuable for years and offers a unique and personal insight into the product or service you are promoting, just like the leaves on an evergreen tree. Additionally, SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in any online content however, word-stuffing is a concept that’s been tried and tested. Squeezing words in for the sake of SEO, will most likely end up being flagged by Google and your business will be punished for it. This is an easy and highly-effective way to share a lot about your company with prospective conversions. Including client testimonials will let your audience know what your business is about, what kind of customers frequent your platform and what products or services you promote. 72% of consumers say they are more likely to use a company who has positive reviews displayed on their website. Take advantage of this feature and gain further trust with your audience by including testimonials on your platforms. Chances are you have already identified your niche market but have you maximised its potential? A good place to start is to make a list of all your niche keywords relevant to your sector. Once you have this list, apply it to all areas of your business. You can include them on your website, in your copy, on your affiliate landing page, your social media channels, in your hashtags, in your biographies and even in your public contact information such as your business email address.As time passes and you gain more insight and understanding on what your niche audience searches, you can adjust your keywords and content accordingly. Alternatively, you can use a number of keyword research tools, free or paid, such as Google Keyword. If you have included these at all, are they buried in your copy or bold and blinking at the top of your website home page? CTAs or Call-to-Actions are vital for achieving the conversions you want. They should always be included near the top of your web pages or content, be bold and clear, easy to understand and simple enough that it doesn’t detract from the content itself but is clear to find and efficient to click on. Statistically, green and orange buttons tend to perform the best. Be careful not to include too many CTAs on one page or make the CTA over-animated or overwhelmingly flashy to the point it annoys. These over-dramatic CTAs can turn your clients off and proverbially ‘cheapen’ your content; thus, you lose a number of conversions for a very silly and solvable mistake. Three useful tips for CTAs that you can always apply are: Most importantly, when it comes to CTAs, always remember; Less is More! Final thoughts: At the end of the day, being able to calculate your conversion and click-through rates is vital for tracking your affiliate marketing campaign success. Without this data, it is very difficult to accurately determine what is working and what isn’t! Implementing some of these practices can only assist in improving your conversion rate and drive high-quality traffic to your platforms. Should you require help or have queries regarding any affiliate matters, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 customer support channels and one of our agents will connect you directly to an affiliate manager. Looking for more educational materials on affiliate marketing? Click here to learn more.

October 11, 2022

Optimizing Your Affiliate Marketing Conversion Rates – Part 1

In the age of technology and digital marketing, data plays a very significant role in everyone's lives. Whether you are tracking your heart rate during a run or checking on how many likes you received for an Instagram post, for most of us data analytics form part of our everyday routines. When it comes to affiliate marketing, two key metrics that are tracked are conversion rates and the ROI or ‘Return on Investment’. Conversions and your conversion rates refer to the actions taken by your target audience that you would utilize to measure your affiliate marketing performance and identify areas that are working and others that can be improved. These would include clicks, sign-ups, shares etc. The simple answer is no, both these data sets serve different purposes in regards to your affiliate marketing. Conversion Rates (CRs): shows how many website or application visitors complete an action on those platforms, out of the total number of people visiting the respective site or app. Click-through (CTRs): usually refers to how many people have clicked on your ad or link to your website or landing page but not the action they take once they are there. Both these metrics help you identify and understand what is working and what is failing with regards to your campaigns. Low CTRs may indicate that your content is not engaging enough to convince your audience to click on it or perhaps that you are targeting the wrong market of people. CTRs are the lifeblood of your affiliate marketing, without conversions your campaigns simply are not successful and you won’t be making much income from your efforts. Here is an example of how to calculate your CTRs for paid advertisements. Step 1:Take the total amount of clicks on the advertisement Step 2: Divide this by the total number of people who actually saw the advertisement (impressions)   Here's an example:   Your advertisement generated 10,000 clicks and was seen by 400,000 people while it was published. Total clicks: 10,000 Total Impressions: 400,000   CTR = 10,000 ÷ 400,000 = 0.025 X 100 = 2.5% Therefore, your CTR is 2.5% Here is an example of how to calculate your CRs for paid advertisements. Step 1:Take the total amount of conversions on the advertisement Step 2: Divide this by the total number of advertisement interactions tracked to a conversion during the same time frame Here's an example:   Your advertisement generated 500 conversions and 10,000 interactions while it was published. Total conversions: 500 Total interactions: 10,000 CR = 500 ÷ 10 000 = 0.05 X 100 = 5% Therefore, your CR is 5% There is more to come regarding optimizing your conversion rates so stay tuned to keep learning and keep an eye out for part 2, available exclusively in our Affiliate Learning Centre. Should you require help or have queries regarding any affiliate matters, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 customer support channels and one of our agents will connect you directly to an affiliate manager. Looking for more educational materials on affiliate marketing? Click here to learn more.

October 05, 2022

Passive Income without a Website

There are many routes one can take when promoting content as an affiliate marketer, you don’t explicitly need a website. Often the costs and time involved in coding a website and maintaining it, especially as an amateur software programmer without much technical knowledge in this field, can be exorbitant and time consuming. You may need to hire additional help, which could drain a portion of your capital, if you are just getting started with your affiliate marketing business.Here are a few practical ways to generate traffic and sign-ups without having to build and maintain your own website. Alternatively, if you do have a website, these tips will assist you in growing your affiliate marketing reach. One of the most popular sources of information used these days is social media, as it satisfies our need for fast knowledge and instant gratification. Many people admit to spending hours a day scrolling over various platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, Reddit and TikTok, to name a few. A survey for Exness found that social media was the most used source of information for Millennial and Gen Z day-traders. It is an excellent way to reach your target audience and keep them engaged.   Well, the sky is the limit and creativity; your wings. You can really do so much across multiple platforms. The best place to start is to look at your intended audience. What kind of content are they engaging with on social media already? Do they prefer market updates or educational posts? Do they prefer videos, images or text? What problems can you solve for them? This can all help you outline the kind of content you will get the most traffic and conversions through. Perhaps you only post your live trading sessions on Instagram but instead of that, you dedicate your twitter to strictly providing trading signals? Telegram could be for analysis, both fundamental and technical. Perhaps reddit is a good place to create platform reviews and engage in open discussion with your audience? This will only build trust with your audience and they will recognize your authenticity. Your sage wisdom and approachability will all contribute to making you a reliable market-leader and recommended voice within the industry. Don’t forget to encourage action within your content and include your unique sign-up links in your posts. Instagram even allows business profiles to embed links in stories nowadays, so get thinking, get making and start earning! With so many platforms offering templates to start your own blog, what is there not to like? Companies such as WordPress have made it extremely easy for anyone to create a blog. Not to mention, its free! What’s great about a blog is that you do not need to limit yourself in terms of topics or content. You can focus on one particular point and really iron out the details or, get creative and find ways to tie multiple subjects and information to each other. With a little imagination, you can really achieve. And don’t forget those SEO keywords! An additional alternative is to collaborate with another blogger or find platforms you would like to work with and negotiate guest blog posts you can publish with them. If you are more experienced with technical analysis; you could post your charts and predictions on your blog. If you are more inclined to fundamental analysis, you could then include relevant economic events and calendars, as well as, historical data comparisons for the relevant assets. If analysis isn’t your forte, you could always create educational packages introducing new traders to the basics of each market, for example: the Forex market. Alternatively, you could review the platforms; such as MetaTrader4 and EagleFX. There is a lot of room to create content on these topics. Whether you are providing a step-by-step guide on navigating the EagleFX CRM or explaining the function of the over 2000 indicators on the MT4 platform, there's plenty for you to cover and write about on your blog. Don’t forget, you can directly embed your unique sign-up link into your blog posts. *Top tip: Include images on your blogposts for increased engagement. Click here for eye-catching visuals provided directly by EagleFX. Statistics show short video clips have become an extremely popular and effective marketing tool for conversions on the web. With the age of digital marketing well upon us, there are many products you can invest in to create these videos cost-effectively and efficiently. With even more time and dedication, you could be surprised at the results of your efforts. These are just a few examples of the kind of content you could be creating. When you are ready, make a YouTube account, Instagram business profile, TikTok or simply add videos to your Facebook page and encourage people to share them. There are no definite guidelines on what makes a video go viral but if you consistently create, build and improve on your video posts, your chances of success could really surprise you. Don’t forget, we have speciality affiliate managers, waiting to assist you with content and marketing campaign ideas, plenty of visual resources embedded with your unique sign-up link, as well as ways to grow your high-quality traffic, conversions and general success of your affiliate marketing business. Simply reach out to our 24/7 customer support channels and one of our agents will connect you directly to your affiliate manager. Looking for more educational materials on affiliate marketing? Click here to learn more.

September 26, 2022

7 Tips on Writing Great Content for Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to affiliate marketing, high quality content is the key to a successful campaign. There are a few basic rules a content creator needs to know in order to write effective content. We’ve listed 7 powerful tips that you can incorporate into your affiliate marketing strategies in order to create brilliant content. If you are passionate and driven, with a little time and experience you can optimize your high-quality content and generate the affiliate marketing income you desire. Use these 7 go-to tips to get started and keep checking our affiliate learning centre for more effective ways to successfully affiliate market.  

September 07, 2022

The Importance of Banners in Affiliate Marketing

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer then you will be well aware of what banners are and how effective they can be at generating new sign-ups and high-quality traffic. In this article we will discuss why banners are so effective, what they have to offer an affiliate marketer and how best to add them to your work. Banner ads are as old as time and can be seen across almost every website with significant traffic. One of the main reasons banner ads are so successful is simply that the human brain processes images faster than words. This allows attention to be immediately drawn directly to your campaign, more so than a word-based advertisement. Banners are great for their flexibility as well. They can be placed on websites, blogs, emails, social media and more. A simple and smart placement can enormously increase your ROI. However, design does matter. You don’t want your banners to be too intrusive, overwhelming and busy. There is a balance with all things in life and this includes how bright and bold you make your banners. Sometimes, less is more. A great tip when deciding what banners to use and where to place them is to remember these five basic rules. These, incorporated with a clean design, will ultimately make your content more professional and trustworthy to the reader: Keep elements to a minimum. Once you have finalized your banners, you need to be selective about placement. There are several elements to consider here; target audience, product you are advertising, platforms you will place the banners on and aesthetic contribution and feel of the placement. At EagleFX, we pride ourselves on offering prime content and marketing materials for all our affiliate partners. At the end of the day, your success is also our success. This is why we choose to keep our materials updated, eye-catching and effective. We have recently launched a new package of updated banner ads, suitable for an array of platforms and placements. Links can be directly embedded into the banners included in this new package and come in a multitude of sizes, styles and animations. You can find these by logging into your Affiliate Portal and navigating to the ‘Banners’ tab. With modern technology offering an endless number of ways to market, there will always be a place for visual aids and we look forward to seeing yours appear across the digital world. Should you require help or have queries regarding banner ads or any affiliate matters, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 customer support channels and one of our agents will connect you directly to an affiliate manager. Looking for more educational materials on affiliate marketing? Click here to learn more.

August 31, 2022

Secret Tips for Achieving Higher Affiliate Earnings - Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of this series. In the first three chapters we detailed the importance of establishing your buyer personas, extending your content reach as well as exploring why and how to repurpose your content effectively. In this article we will cover a further three vital points to remember in order to increase traffic and gain high-quality sign-ups. While the quality of your content is extremely vital to the success of your marketing, so too is where and how you get that information seen by your targeted audience. Arguably more crucial than the creation of your content is the distribution of it. With a massive number of channels and platforms available to you to promote on, the sky is the limit! List of ways to distribute your content:   A bonus to this is that content can be used over and over again however, do remember that quality is always better than quantity when it comes to affiliate marketing, and a respectable line between promoting and spamming needs to be drawn. The consequences of overwhelming your audience with content can rapidly dent your trust within the community and with search engines such as Google. Most content online is refreshed regularly in order to stay relevant in search results. If you suddenly notice a decline in your organic traffic, it may be that your articles need refreshing and updating. Regularly reviewing your own work, adding new information and adjusting existing information for the changing needs of your audience is essential to the ongoing success of your campaigns. With the refreshing of your work, it would be counterproductive not to utilize this opportunity to add or edit backlinks in your original works. Perhaps you have created new content that you can backlink in existing work you have published. Don’t hesitate to make these vital changes, they can double your organic traffic with a single new backlink addition. Take time to ensure the backlinks already in your work still redirect to the correct relevant pages. Guest posting involves you creating and publishing your work on other websites/blogs/third-party run platforms and profiles. It is an excellent way to get further reach as well as hit some of the more competitive keywords that you alone may not be able to challenge, as you are still establishing yourself within your industry and haven’t ranked yet due to you tapping the low-hanging fruit keyword opportunities first. When it comes to guest posting, there are three main objectives to aspire to:   Technically you won’t directly own this content but if you are able to achieve the three above listed objectives then your time and efforts will prove worthwhile. This is especially true if you are still getting started with your affiliate marketing business and looking grow into an authority in your niche. If you found this article helpful then you may be interested in more educational resources, available for free, in our Affiliate Learning Centre. Simply click here to learn more on all aspects of successful affiliate marketing. At EagleFX our specialized Affiliate Management Department is always available to assist you with marketing strategies and provide necessary materials such as the marketing pack which includes banners, badges and other graphic branding support for your campaigns. Feel free to reach out to us here.