Passive Income without a Website

By Eaglefx On October 05, 2022 in Affiliate Learning Centre

Passive Income without a Website

There are many routes one can take when promoting content as an affiliate marketer, you don’t explicitly need a website. Often the costs and time involved in coding a website and maintaining it, especially as an amateur software programmer without much technical knowledge in this field, can be exorbitant and time consuming. You may need to hire additional help, which could drain a portion of your capital, if you are just getting started with your affiliate marketing business. 
 Here are a few practical ways to generate traffic and sign-ups without having to build and maintain your own website. Alternatively, if you do have a website, these tips will assist you in growing your affiliate marketing reach. 

Social Media 

One of the most popular sources of information used these days is social media, as it satisfies our need for fast knowledge and instant gratification. Many people admit to spending hours a day scrolling over various platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, Reddit and TikTok, to name a few. A survey for Exness found that social media was the most used source of information for Millennial and Gen Z day-traders. It is an excellent way to reach your target audience and keep them engaged.   

Here are some pros to this method of marketing: 

      What Can I Post About?

      Well, the sky is the limit and creativity; your wings. You can really do so much across multiple platforms. The best place to start is to look at your intended audience. What kind of content are they engaging with on social media already? Do they prefer market updates or educational posts? Do they prefer videos, images or text? What problems can you solve for them? This can all help you outline the kind of content you will get the most traffic and conversions through.

      Perhaps you only post your live trading sessions on Instagram but instead of that, you dedicate your twitter to strictly providing trading signals? Telegram could be for analysis, both fundamental and technical. Perhaps reddit is a good place to create platform reviews and engage in open discussion with your audience? This will only build trust with your audience and they will recognize your authenticity. Your sage wisdom and approachability will all contribute to making you a reliable market-leader and recommended voice within the industry.

      Don’t forget to encourage action within your content and include your unique sign-up links in your posts. Instagram even allows business profiles to embed links in stories nowadays, so get thinking, get making and start earning! 

      Blog Posts 

      With so many platforms offering templates to start your own blog, what is there not to like? Companies such as WordPress have made it extremely easy for anyone to create a blog. Not to mention, its free

      Why Make a Blog?  

      What’s great about a blog is that you do not need to limit yourself in terms of topics or content. You can focus on one particular point and really iron out the details or, get creative and find ways to tie multiple subjects and information to each other. With a little imagination, you can really achieve. And don’t forget those SEO keywords! 

      An additional alternative is to collaborate with another blogger or find platforms you would like to work with and negotiate guest blog posts you can publish with them.

      What Topics can I Cover?

       If you are more experienced with technical analysis; you could post your charts and predictions on your blog.  If you are more inclined to fundamental analysis, you could then include relevant economic events and calendars, as well as, historical data comparisons for the relevant assets. If analysis isn’t your forte, you could always create educational packages introducing new traders to the basics of each market, for example: the Forex market.

      Alternatively, you could review the platforms; such as MetaTrader4 and EagleFX. There is a lot of room to create content on these topics. Whether you are providing a step-by-step guide on navigating the EagleFX CRM or explaining the function of the over 2000 indicators on the MT4 platform, there's plenty for you to cover and write about on your blog. Don’t forget, you can directly embed your unique sign-up link into your blog posts.

      *Top tip: Include images on your blogposts for increased engagement. Click here for eye-catching visuals provided directly by EagleFX.   


      Statistics show short video clips have become an extremely popular and effective marketing tool for conversions on the web. With the age of digital marketing well upon us, there are many products you can invest in to create these videos cost-effectively and efficiently. With even more time and dedication, you could be surprised at the results of your efforts.  

      Here are a few topics you could create video content on:

            These are just a few examples of the kind of content you could be creating. When you are ready, make a YouTube account, Instagram business profile, TikTok or simply add videos to your Facebook page and encourage people to share them. There are no definite guidelines on what makes a video go viral but if you consistently create, build and improve on your video posts, your chances of success could really surprise you.  

            Final Thoughts 

            Don’t forget, we have speciality affiliate managers, waiting to assist you with content and marketing campaign ideas, plenty of visual resources embedded with your unique sign-up link, as well as ways to grow your high-quality traffic, conversions and general success of your affiliate marketing business. Simply reach out to our 24/7 customer support channels and one of our agents will connect you directly to your affiliate manager.   

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