Secret Tips for Achieving Higher Affiliate Earnings - Part 4

By Eaglefx On August 31, 2022 in Affiliate Learning Centre

Secret Tips for Achieving Higher Affiliate Earnings - Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of this series. In the first three chapters we detailed the importance of establishing your buyer personas, extending your content reach as well as exploring why and how to repurpose your content effectively. In this article we will cover a further three vital points to remember in order to increase traffic and gain high-quality sign-ups.  

Promote Your Content as Much as You Can

While the quality of your content is extremely vital to the success of your marketing, so too is where and how you get that information seen by your targeted audience. Arguably more crucial than the creation of your content is the distribution of it. With a massive number of channels and platforms available to you to promote on, the sky is the limit!

List of ways to distribute your content:


      A bonus to this is that content can be used over and over again however, do remember that quality is always better than quantity when it comes to affiliate marketing, and a respectable line between promoting and spamming needs to be drawn. The consequences of overwhelming your audience with content can rapidly dent your trust within the community and with search engines such as Google.  

      Refresh and Update Your Content Regularly

      Most content online is refreshed regularly in order to stay relevant in search results. If you suddenly notice a decline in your organic traffic, it may be that your articles need refreshing and updating. Regularly reviewing your own work, adding new information and adjusting existing information for the changing needs of your audience is essential to the ongoing success of your campaigns.

      With the refreshing of your work, it would be counterproductive not to utilize this opportunity to add or edit backlinks in your original works. Perhaps you have created new content that you can backlink in existing work you have published. Don’t hesitate to make these vital changes, they can double your organic traffic with a single new backlink addition. Take time to ensure the backlinks already in your work still redirect to the correct relevant pages.  

      The Power of Guest Posting

      Guest posting involves you creating and publishing your work on other websites/blogs/third-party run platforms and profiles. It is an excellent way to get further reach as well as hit some of the more competitive keywords that you alone may not be able to challenge, as you are still establishing yourself within your industry and haven’t ranked yet due to you tapping the low-hanging fruit keyword opportunities first.

      When it comes to guest posting, there are three main objectives to aspire to:


        Technically you won’t directly own this content but if you are able to achieve the three above listed objectives then your time and efforts will prove worthwhile. This is especially true if you are still getting started with your affiliate marketing business and looking grow into an authority in your niche.

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