Growing Your Sign-Ups by Hosting Seminars

By Eaglefx On November 30, 2022 in Affiliate Learning Centre

Growing Your Sign-Ups by Hosting Seminars

Hosting seminars can be a fantastic way to expand your reach to potential affiliates and also hold the interest of any current affiliates under your wings. Regardless of whether you host to educate novices or to focus on more advanced analyses as a master affiliate, it is a great way to build your reputation in a very flexible manner. Either way, seminars are just one of many ways to grow your affiliates. Here, you can find some information to help get you started.   

The Best Time & Place to Host Seminars 

Both in-person and online are great ways to diversify your affiliate marketing strategies and just about anyone can get started thanks to the flexibility seminars offer.  

Seminars can range from talks that last minutes to hours to multi-day events, although you have to keep your audience’s preferences in mind. Naturally, it would be best to start out simple, it then becomes a matter of choosing a day and a time. Try asking yourself: typically, when would your targeted audience be free to engage your campaigns and for how long?  

It is worth noting that online seminars do tend to have lower completion rates, compared to in-person seminars, due to less commitment being required. It takes less effort to open up a laptop than it does to be at a certain place on time.  

Are Seminars Suited to You? 

Hosting seminars can be very much like educational online courses, especially when it comes to thinking of topics to present and in what manner.  

The only catch is that you need to be a good public speaker; talking in front of crowds cannot be an issue for you. You may be thinking to yourself that if it is online after all, that won’t be an issue.

There is a bit more to it than that; your tone of voice, body language, and ability to think on your feet can all influence the success of your seminar. It is important to remember, practice makes perfect! 

Depending on the size of your ambition, you could be arranging events for hundreds of people, if not more. You would need to be organized and motivated in order to really succeed in this niche.  

What Topics Should You Cover? 

Whether you host the seminar online or in-person, it is necessary to brainstorm and research ideas. Your imagination is the limit, let your creativity guide you here.  

Perhaps you have already been to some seminars in order to network and reach potential affiliates. If not, it is recommended that you do attend some, so that you can see what they are offering, and more importantly what they are not offering - this way, you can stand out from your direct competitors.  

See what works best for you through your experience and use it to build a strong seminar that stands out from the crowd.  


All that’s really needed is confidence and the right target audience. Once you start delivering seminars with valuable information, you can let word-of-mouth do the rest of the work for you. 

Should you require help or have queries regarding any affiliate matters, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 customer support channels and one of our agents will connect you directly to an affiliate manager.   

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